Saturday, 8 August 2009

I blame the Republic Firewall of China (Day erm... 1 - 78)

I started off really good I swear. I had every good intentions to write and then I arrived in China to find all the blogging sites were banned. I started off typing all my blog entries until I got fed up of using a Mac... IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! Then I lost it all... Then I just gave up.

BUT, I have been keeping all the stories in a leather bound diary and bit by bit (probably by the end of the year) I'll have it all written up and posted retrospectively further confusing everyone where I am - Awesome. I'm only 69 days behind and coming home in 20... 

I'm freezing my arse in a camp ground by Grand Canyon and seriously losing the ability to type! So for now, adieus! By the way, I'm in the US now! =P